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Smooth skin, return to tender. Goodbye, no use of horny


The skin of the most outer layer of the cuticle to protect the skin and protect the skin from the important role of external damage. However, due to the role of the metabolism, the precipitation of the keratin did not naturally fall off and stay in the skin surface, it will bring skin problems such as oily, dull, dull, and lead to floating makeup, skin can not absorb the normal skin care ingredients, so we must regularly remove the keratin. However, excessive to horny will lead to thin cuticle, the skin becomes sensitive to dry, and therefore will stimulate the skin to the horny method to NG, too frequent to NG.
To use AHA, BHA and other chemical components of the gel to melt the horny gel method, as well as the physical method of small particles composed of scrub. My skin is “to dog give (lost to the dog)” type, but also is a sensitive girl, (really?) With scrub or gel will be stimulated, so usually I go through other methods to scrub. First of all, I highly recommend the use of enzyme cleansing products wash, this can be a low stimulation to remove the delicate skin. And then in the choice of make-up water and cleansing oil will also be concerned about the horny function. So even if not specifically with a scrub or gel, the skin will not be a problem because of the horny. Do not be attracted by a wide variety of products, as long as the daily basis for cleansing skin care products containing enough to the horny ingredients are enough. When the skin is piled up a horny, chin pores will appear gray. If it is not floating makeup or skin problems, it means that the skin of normal metabolism, do not need to go horny.