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Pre makeup milk

Cover the pores, also regulate oil coated finish matte finish good color,
This is my favorite one by one before the makeup of breast! In a lot of makeup products, I
Love makeup cream (selecting products with UV protection). But before making up milk
Not like concealer can cover everything. It is a painted when not
To the effect, if not coated can deeply feel the importance of product.
A certain amount then. Makeup before after breast rub can be a little dry, so if it is dry or combination skin, don’t rub
Around the eyes, while the fingers coated in oily t-zone of enlarged pores can be. If you have oily skin, thin
Applied to the entire face to make it absorb it well to prevent Foundation colors not evenly coated.
Sunscreen products
Almost everyone use sunscreen products, and all promotional and advertising said Sun is required for the most basic of the most base makeup products.
But I don’t how to use it. Apply sunscreen products is said to apply thicker paint when often, otherwise meaningless. But I was
Is as poor and lazy. Now many makeup products with UV-resistant features. But if no make-up, please
Bring sunscreen, coating every 3 hours at a time. As with oil and sweat and sunscreen will lose effect.
You should have seen, says SPF on sunscreen packaging PA rental. SPF prevents UVB, can reduce the occurrence of freckles;
PA UVA, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The higher the number, means more UV + marked the better, but not removed. So when tuyu rent + high coefficient of UV marking product, do not use SOAP and general cleansing milk wash, but must be done 1, 2 makeup remover and cleanser.

The sun is the most basic most essential makeup products


Sunscreen products
Almost everyone use sunscreen products, all publicity and advertising that sunscreen is the most basic most essential makeup products. But I do not how to use it. It is said to be coated with sunscreen products should be painted with thick and hard work, otherwise it would not be very meaningful. But I am poor and lazy. And now a lot of makeup products with anti ultraviolet function. But if you do not make-up, then please bring sunscreen products, every 3 hours coated. Because with the oil and sweat, sunscreen products will lose effect.
You should have seen, the packaging of sunscreen products will be written in SPF and PA. SPF to prevent UVB, can reduce the production of freckles; PA to prevent UVA, can reduce the production of wrinkles. The higher the number, the more marked the more means that the more anti UV effect is better, but it is not good to unload. So Dangtu ultraviolet coefficient is high and the + sign multi products, do not use soap and cleansing milk wash but must do 1, 2 times up remover and cleanser.
Foundation of various types and different usage
As far as I am concerned, the most indispensable product is to adjust the color of skin and cover the skin defect of the foundation. Who let me be a flaw. T.T when the skin more oil, the foundation is easy to float on the surface of the skin, and thousands of dry water, coated with the foundation of the skin will appear dirty, so we must first open the face skin care.
Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundation is not only easy to apply, but also with other foundation to do color collocation. The more water is more easy to open, but in contrast to the strength will become smaller, so to be more than a few times, in contrast, I suggest that with the use of a combination of cover, better use effect. Liquid foundation to use the foundation brush to improve the effect of the cover, but also painted thin, and the thicker the more difficult to leave the brush mark.