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Trimming powder shadow

Use shadow powder is of a shadow effect. To create a beautiful little face, high nose Americans have relied on! I usually need photographic, swollen face or eat a lot of big time will think of it. So my kids almost as shadow powder fossils …… shadow powder slightly darker than the foundation to choose a little but not too much color, after completion of the face and other parts do not demarcated.
Powder & loose powder shadow
Suitable for beginners and sisters, will shadow powder brush dipped pat in the back, the color will not be so deep. After shedding use.
Cream Shadow
Easier to fit the skin, it is also very coordinated and foundation, so the resistance shadow effect is more natural. But this is only in the premise superb technique. First with a finger dipped in a little amount, the temperature of melting it with your fingertips, then use a foundation brush painting frantically open, so that the natural color, we must pay attention not to create a shadow line. (When the shadows when the dividing line, it means everything game over! Boundaries must not appear!) Before applying foundation, then shadow cream foundation brush it. If you wait until Cawan loose Reapply cream, pink and cream becomes a sticky-like buckle up!

Makeup makeup

Makeup, makeup makeup products are used to suck the excess oil, make skin tender and refreshing. My skin is oily, but because of the extreme lack of water. So most of the time is not coated.
Powder powder is now popular in almost all that no Concealer force, but with strong oil absorption, makeup sense very transparent, Touch Ultra tender. Powder is used to set close to the oil, so the color is not important. Puff dip in take a small amount of powder, gently rub a rub, or in the back of the hand rub, the powder uniform dip in the puff, and then use very light intensity of press face (strength is too general to packing makeup) is good.
The powder particles powder made of compressed products, suitable for makeup, almost no Concealer effect. With a light brush can be added to the face of the natural gloss, but also thin and light to fit the skin. If it is to use short hair products with a puff, only a little bit of water slug like wax, on the face and then press it. When the makeup with oil absorbing paper (hemp than membranous) ceiling, except on the face of the oil, and spray some spray. Finally, use powder makeup.
Pearl powder
Pearl powder contains a lot of pearlescent particles, on particular occasions in order to increase the sense of shiny and the use of the product. Summer wear no sleeve
Shirt collar or clothes, wipe the super beautiful in the arms or supraclavicular, especially at night in party, is very conspicuous. When used with relatively long hair puff will more effect. However, not to be confused with the powder containing a small amount of pearl products. What kind of products if the long hair is puff, will become a flour doll.
Oil control powder
Oil control powder as its name suggests, is to inhibit the secretion of oil products. Accordingly, it will be relatively dry, not suitable for a thousand muscles
Skin use. Most of the oil control powder is -100, so don’t expect it to be a shield.