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Magic high light

When you want to make the face more three-dimensional, more beautiful shape, high light products is the best choice. Now on the market there are many kinds, each have their own characteristics, sense of color, pearl, such as particles are different, let me fondle admiringly. It’s like it’s too hard for me to choose between Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin. Love of these lovely children in the burning, burning! The particle size of Gao Guangchao gorgeous, but if you are just as big as the surface of the moon, then the skin will be terrible, so the skin will be terrible, so the weak foundation is still a good friend or choose a bright light to push the light bar.
Loose powder & light board
My favorite powder high light, it can also shape the matte and glossy, the point is don’t puff but must use a brush to paint. Technique is use the brush on the high light powder painting circle, on the wrist shake off floating powder and then gently sweep in the face, loose powder high light as well.
I like Tu finished after the foundation with high light powder instead of directly sweep in the face as a whole. This makeup effect is more light and more transparent. But if the particles are too large or high light color white, the face will become the supermarket raw fish.
Liquid high light
Liquid high light more easily fit the skin, figure the high light fingers tap can be, after the foundation painted easily destroy makeup (the more dilute more so). Liquid foundation and high light liquid into 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of the proportion of coated on the face, not only will not be pushed off the foundation, but also make the skin more bright and moist.
Frost like high light
Cream high light at the same time with liquid adhesion and powdery PINK MAKEUP sense, in the powder before or after coating can be, very convenient, but also unlike liquid high light that require rapid halo open, my heart good.

Pre makeup milk

Cover the pores, also regulate oil coated finish matte finish good color,
This is my favorite one by one before the makeup of breast! In a lot of makeup products, I
Love makeup cream (selecting products with UV protection). But before making up milk
Not like concealer can cover everything. It is a painted when not
To the effect, if not coated can deeply feel the importance of product.
A certain amount then. Makeup before after breast rub can be a little dry, so if it is dry or combination skin, don’t rub
Around the eyes, while the fingers coated in oily t-zone of enlarged pores can be. If you have oily skin, thin
Applied to the entire face to make it absorb it well to prevent Foundation colors not evenly coated.
Sunscreen products
Almost everyone use sunscreen products, and all promotional and advertising said Sun is required for the most basic of the most base makeup products.
But I don’t how to use it. Apply sunscreen products is said to apply thicker paint when often, otherwise meaningless. But I was
Is as poor and lazy. Now many makeup products with UV-resistant features. But if no make-up, please
Bring sunscreen, coating every 3 hours at a time. As with oil and sweat and sunscreen will lose effect.
You should have seen, says SPF on sunscreen packaging PA rental. SPF prevents UVB, can reduce the occurrence of freckles;
PA UVA, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The higher the number, means more UV + marked the better, but not removed. So when tuyu rent + high coefficient of UV marking product, do not use SOAP and general cleansing milk wash, but must be done 1, 2 makeup remover and cleanser.