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Facial cleaning
Face cleaning is a pre makeup to prepare the important steps
First, I’m going to wash my face before I wake up in the morning. What, there are ways to wash your face in fact, there are many people’s skin is a problem, because it is not too will wash your face. I have also changed the face after the method, the skin condition has gradually changed. (of course, there is no change in the other person’s one one
The first to say is the water temperature. Too hot water will make the skin’s natural moisture loss, and cold water is not the way to fully open the pores, so it is best to warm water, not cold nor hot, so that the skin feels very comfortable
Wash the face, some people simply use clean water wash, some people use cleansing facial cleanser to wash. These can be decided according to different types of personal skin, dry skin, morning only wash your face with warm water, prevent the skin drying, but my oily skin, if only wet washing, there will be “wow ~ the face oil! Was in a dream last night to fight the war. So I must use facial cleanser to clean the face. Nao I don’t use makeup remover, but only to clean the dirt of the lightweight Cleanser (packaging products on the back of the marker whether has cleansing effect)
Wash face with the face of the time, the most critical is to play a delicate and rich foam! Don’t be cleanser squeezed out from the jar and paste it directly rub on the face, it will stimulate the skin. I would like to squeeze the product in the hands, knead and, the water pipe a little drop of water, so that more than a bubble, and then stick to the face skin, gently massage. Although the use of hand can be fully able to rub out enough of the bubble, but if you feel troublesome, you can go to buy a special cleansing foam network, do not have to buy brand mouth, the kind of price is more expensive, but no special features. Here to remember, after using the foam net. Should be placed in the dry table to dry, if you put in the bathroom, the bubble will be the Internet will be the. In addition, like a toothbrush, this cleaning tool to regularly replace oh!