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Foundation cream


Foundation cream has a solid foundation and soft texture of liquid foundation. But one not careful will be painted too thick, but also with the brush on the foundation brush marks easily. At this time if the brush on the brush on the brush and then brush on the brush, but the effect will be reduced. You can not have both fish and bear’s paw. Coated with a finger is good, because the temperature with the fingers, but also easy to paint a thin.
Solid foundation
The strength of the screen is very strong, but the makeup effect is dry, and a not careful it is easy to apply a thick, is not suitable for the use of a brush to paint, back to leave a clear brush mark. This time use a sponge, because it is very difficult to absorb solids, so can be coated with a thin, but will not appear when a piece of a piece of.
Stick shaped foundation
This is the foundation of the solid foundation made of solid foundation, do not need to use the tool to get the right temporal, directly coated on the face is good.
Powder foundation
Powdery foundation with foundation concealer, powder, powder texture, but because some dry, so only oily skin people most love to use. Can use big brush instead of puff. In addition, with the powder foundation, Pu must not be another powder. If the face will be too dry, it is easy to take off. A powdery foundation.
Mineral Foundation
Mineral foundation of natural mineral as the main material, containing a small amount of oil points and other additives, so that the skin makeup effect is very natural, but also has the effect of concealer. Mineral foundation and powder foundation is different, it is not so common in Megan Xing, dry skin.
Dangtu suitable equivalent, the face will disseminate a sense of the special luster, but if the coating is too thick, will face is very dirty. So when in use, the first in the product on the cover and then poured a small amount roll, brush, powder and brush in the movie. Then knock on the product cover a knock on the body, take extra powder.

Pearl ornaments at the end of milk

This is the end of milk which contains tiny pearl decorated particles, to face extended Tim BLING blin gorgeous feeling. Such decorative bottom milk can be incorporated into the foundation of the use of. The spirit to the condition is to choose beautiful delicate Pearl particles. My pores like football so much, so Dangtu pearl particles large products, the skin will is dirty, rustic.
To prevent the spread of thick, first on the back of the hand on a pearl grain size, with the fingers on the cheek, forehead, chin, nose, from the middle to the surrounding evenly pushed, or mixed with the foundation. Foundation joined pearl bottom pieces, can make the foundation of the texture more soft, it is easier to apply some, but the cover flaws will be relatively slightly inferior. If you want to obtain concealer and gorgeous sense, in the Tu finished after the foundation, then coated with powdered high light. (after, finish powder coated powder coated gloss information, can also be.
Pre makeup milk
Not only can cover the pores, can control oil, painted after pink good complexion, this is my most loved — makeup before the milk! In many products, I only make love with makeup before the milk (with anti ultraviolet function products). But it is impossible to cover all the same can be covered with the same can not be like a cover. It is a time to feel the effect, can not be applied once the importance of the product will not be impressed.
Makeup before the milk is not how to show color, in order to control the amount of the hand must first remove a certain amount of the back of the hand. Makeup before the rub on the skin may be some dry, so if it is dry or mixed skin, do not rub around the eyes, and as long as the use of finger painted on the T word parts of the oil and large pores can be. If it is oily skin, thin coating on the entire face so that it can absorb the good, to prevent the uneven color when the foundation is not uniform.

Shape moisture permeability of the skin

Front end
According to the color to points, decorated with the bottom of the milk have green, white, pink and other color, of course, according to the composition and function to be divided into many types of. The finishing end of milk is the most basic products to cover the skin defects defects. If the skin is in good condition, there is no problem. Of course, this step can save the road. I usually rub the skin care products directly after the foundation. Not to have confidence in themselves (my skin is a flaw in itself), but rather a strong foundation, the foundation will be covered with decorative bottom, so it can not reflect the effect of the end of the milk. The finishing end of milk does not need a tool, can be pasted directly by hand.
Color decorative bottom milk
The color of the decorative bottom milk has the effect to improve the uneven skin color, is the most popular choice. The color of the bottom of the milky white, white, pink, green, blue and other colors, can be selected according to the situation. Different colors can create a different makeup effect, the role is to adjust the overall color before applying the foundation. Each time only needs a pearl size amount is enough.
Yellow rice
Rice yellow can repair the skin color is not uniform, please thin layer on the face of the whole.
White can be as high light, but also let the ship I transparent, can face painted to join, also can only painted forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and fundus local.
Pink to pale skin can increase health angry, can besmear face as a whole, can also be just on the part of the cheeks center.
Green and yellow
These two colors can cover for covering red, acne and red tide. When it is used to cover the Laguna Colorada, it is only applied to the red part of the red. Please go to the face as a whole.
Blue can give the skin increase transparency, can be painted on the face as a whole. But if it is too thick or too thick to be painted, it will float, like a ghost, so pay attention to oh.