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Confrontation flaws, a moment can not wait! Magic flaw




The flaw is the heart of a woman’s heart is a good necessity. Even before have withered in the foundation learning the whole face of the skin, but more than skin deep flaws is obvious, this time only use concealer. Before the battle with the young and can not appreciate the precious nature, and now slowly see the reality, has been completely unable to leave the defect. Cover the time, to choose a darker color than the skin color, but the black eye, the most effective lemon color. If you buy the product color too deep is used when the shadow powder, if the color is too bright is used as a high light powder, so even bought the wrong can also used for other purposes. But if you do not use the wrong color, or it is too thick makeup, or appear more dirty than before. Tragic death!
Liquid cover
Liquid light, light and thin, easy to paint, light. However, the liquid absorption speed of the liquid, and easy to smear the traces, so after the skin point of the cover, to use the brush quickly spread. Apply a little more than the defect site, and then gently to the edge of the edge of the finger, the boundary is a uniform. Liquid coating can be applied to the foundation before, can also be painted after the foundation. But if the concealer is not with skin paste and Taiwan on the Tu foundation, Concealer is may Peter away blemishes will reopen, so more attention. The type of liquid, such as liquid, easy to cover a wide range of freckles or dark circles, etc..
Frost like cover
Cream like a soft, easy to cover a wide range. First adjust the amount of the back of the hand, and then coated with a wider range of the defect, and then gently pat the edge of the edge of the part, the elimination of the line is good! Cream in the foundation before and after the foundation can be used.
Solid & rod shaped
Solid rental rod shaped the best, the effect is also very clean. First to be covered in the need to cover the site, and then carefully push the sponge or brush. This type is most suitable for local. If it is painted on acne marks or freckles on the time, should be immediately spread with a brush; if it is in the eyes of the black eye, the first finger painted, so that the temperature of the finger to touch the screen, and then painted. If it is directly coated in the fundus, and finally there will be more than the eye wrinkles!
Bar than the cream to some sticky, so when applied to local to powder and then apply.

Foundation cream


Foundation cream has a solid foundation and soft texture of liquid foundation. But one not careful will be painted too thick, but also with the brush on the foundation brush marks easily. At this time if the brush on the brush on the brush and then brush on the brush, but the effect will be reduced. You can not have both fish and bear’s paw. Coated with a finger is good, because the temperature with the fingers, but also easy to paint a thin.
Solid foundation
The strength of the screen is very strong, but the makeup effect is dry, and a not careful it is easy to apply a thick, is not suitable for the use of a brush to paint, back to leave a clear brush mark. This time use a sponge, because it is very difficult to absorb solids, so can be coated with a thin, but will not appear when a piece of a piece of.
Stick shaped foundation
This is the foundation of the solid foundation made of solid foundation, do not need to use the tool to get the right temporal, directly coated on the face is good.
Powder foundation
Powdery foundation with foundation concealer, powder, powder texture, but because some dry, so only oily skin people most love to use. Can use big brush instead of puff. In addition, with the powder foundation, Pu must not be another powder. If the face will be too dry, it is easy to take off. A powdery foundation.
Mineral Foundation
Mineral foundation of natural mineral as the main material, containing a small amount of oil points and other additives, so that the skin makeup effect is very natural, but also has the effect of concealer. Mineral foundation and powder foundation is different, it is not so common in Megan Xing, dry skin.
Dangtu suitable equivalent, the face will disseminate a sense of the special luster, but if the coating is too thick, will face is very dirty. So when in use, the first in the product on the cover and then poured a small amount roll, brush, powder and brush in the movie. Then knock on the product cover a knock on the body, take extra powder.

The sun is the most basic most essential makeup products


Sunscreen products
Almost everyone use sunscreen products, all publicity and advertising that sunscreen is the most basic most essential makeup products. But I do not how to use it. It is said to be coated with sunscreen products should be painted with thick and hard work, otherwise it would not be very meaningful. But I am poor and lazy. And now a lot of makeup products with anti ultraviolet function. But if you do not make-up, then please bring sunscreen products, every 3 hours coated. Because with the oil and sweat, sunscreen products will lose effect.
You should have seen, the packaging of sunscreen products will be written in SPF and PA. SPF to prevent UVB, can reduce the production of freckles; PA to prevent UVA, can reduce the production of wrinkles. The higher the number, the more marked the more means that the more anti UV effect is better, but it is not good to unload. So Dangtu ultraviolet coefficient is high and the + sign multi products, do not use soap and cleansing milk wash but must do 1, 2 times up remover and cleanser.
Foundation of various types and different usage
As far as I am concerned, the most indispensable product is to adjust the color of skin and cover the skin defect of the foundation. Who let me be a flaw. T.T when the skin more oil, the foundation is easy to float on the surface of the skin, and thousands of dry water, coated with the foundation of the skin will appear dirty, so we must first open the face skin care.
Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundation is not only easy to apply, but also with other foundation to do color collocation. The more water is more easy to open, but in contrast to the strength will become smaller, so to be more than a few times, in contrast, I suggest that with the use of a combination of cover, better use effect. Liquid foundation to use the foundation brush to improve the effect of the cover, but also painted thin, and the thicker the more difficult to leave the brush mark.