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Change eyebrow, change the overall image

Eyebrows, often most representative of the changing times. Nineties drama actress like cultivation and thick eyebrows thin, very tall painting eyebrow. But now, the natural wind popular, people are more receptive atmosphere and simple eyebrow. Principles that we must follow when eyebrow shaping is, whenever, must find their own, consistent with the overall image of the eyebrow. For example, mature charming woman is not suitable for a thick black eyebrows shaped; on the contrary, the cute baby face type of beauty, it should not attempt to Gao Qiao Mei Feng, slender eyebrow. These similar mix of not only fail to reflect their own advantage, but also cause the opposite effect. It would be too more harm than good. Well, girls, let’s take a closer look, a different kind of face shape in the end of the match eyebrows.
Depending on the face, find eyebrow adaptation program
Angular face shape or pointed chin – LiuYeMei
Pointed chin, and if they even have to draw a tall brow eyebrow, then the overall effect becomes too strong, so use LiuYeMei, easing of facial lines, the effect will be much better.
Round face – angular eyebrow
Lovely round face people fork tender, do not send eyebrows painted circular, which will make the facial lines appear larger than the dome. Mei Feng tall may be more suitable for you.
Long face – the word eyebrow
Who face a long, draw a shape eyebrow, as the dividing line of the face, can shorten the face shape.
Oval face – all eyebrow
Oval shaped face are suitable for all types of eyebrow. Do big jealous Oh, this is perhaps the ideal face shape people say the reason is oval.