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Life is a flower-art-beautiful life

Life is a flowerartbeautiful life


Often hear people say, life is but a dream. After himself, has always seemed a kind of sophistry, but don’t know how to refute. After he learned the culture, thinking carefully and found that people with the idea, in fact, is very idealistic.


Idealist who believes that a person is born, in fact, the outcomes have beendoomed. We all could not escape the doom of death life no matter how hard, howhard, how to pray, how to beg, in the end is nothing, like dreams, dreams areempty. Idealistic people only pay attention to the results of the dream: the dream, no matter how terrible, how sweet will have when you wake up, and wake. They ignored the essential difference between dreams and lifedaydream or nightmare, you can duplicate, all over again; but life is not back, we only once in life, the past is gone, gone gone.


After knowing the idealistic misunderstanding about life, I no longer believe that life is a drama argument, they said, were wide of the mark. We all know that, even if the world is really, XI is fake! Acting acting, is the fake play play! Our life, but it istrue! The things we have done, they found, the tears we fell, we sweat to pay, everything we had and lost things … … These are real. Even most of the time, true is too cruel, real had to let some people squirm, pulsating heart bleeding day and night! As for those saying life is a song, life is a glass of wine, in fact, more wide of the mark.


Life is like what? Strictly speaking, life is life, and what it does not like, it is life. But in order to be able to see the essence of it, people like to use the analogy of forms, compared to what abstract life. If you give life a better analogy, I think, life is actuallymore like beautiful flowers. Flower sometimes total feelings blossom.


Flowers and grass. Flower end sometimes. The flowers bloom over a period of time,dies in a particular time, one year at a time. Life isn’t it? Human life only once, has only one life.


Total feelings blossom. The roots absorb nutrients from the Earth rang, absorbing nutrients flowers on the branches, this dependent relationship with human babies absorb nutrients from the mother‘s mother and son relationship, is so similar to, and fallen not unfeeling, huhua protects the flower. Life and death, also implicated in asituation .


Life is like a flower, not as good as people say, is not that bad. If the life only as in the beginning sees, that is beautiful like a flower.


Flower of life, how to spend it? Famous Soviet writer Paul. Ke Chajin tells us that human life should be spent this way: when he looks back, when, without wasting timeand remorse, nor shame for doing nothing. Should pursue the realm of life is: let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves the quiet beauty.Live is a star to brighten someone’s heart , bright and warm; leave should be such as the beautiful autumn leaves no regrets. Because life is like a flower, time is fleeting, time flies with blossom end sometimes. So we should grasp every chance of success, every test of rational nature, and work in a high profile, low-key person, notpleased, not sad. If not, to get up, put it down, living free and easy, don’t let myselfregret; must know how to treasure what we have, because some things lost can’t berecovered again.

Whether you‘re a human being, or a great man; whatever you accomplish nothing,or is great, they had like a flower, through wind and rain, encountered setbacks, alsohave been too hard for the people we love, struggle, though not everyone is eventually able to be a rainbow after the storm. And not everyone can like Beethoven’s fate by the throat and cannot be changed, do not act arbitrarily, let it be. As long aswe try, tried, our life is no complaints and no regrets, but no regrets.


In fact, not every flower symbolize for results, as long as real once, (even Bud has been on the wane), or State of mind, full of soulful had one, you are brilliant, no regret in raising our roots. Even if nothing in this life or even regret, time to leave, we should regret, xiaoxiao move on to the next round. You know, no hate in life without regret, that quiet on the Hill as the full moon.

Fashion beauty Soft pink eye makeup

Fashion beauty

My eyelid had very thick, after painted pink eye shadow will appear thicker, it is simply a pair of pink sausages. Therefore, in order to avoid the tragedy. I would involuntarily into smoky makeup. But today, I want to challenge of the law do not smoke soft pink eye shadow, to give you a fashion beauty young women to do personal Fan. Do not prohibitive for pink!
First with a touch of pink eye shadow, painted a beak-like appearance on the eyelids. This large range of eye shadow applied with a finger smearing open fast enough.
Then eyelid partially coated with a more brilliant pink eye shadow.
Then coated with white pearl eye shadow lying silkworm part, seem charming.
If you omit the eyeliner, it really would be like outside the chain of sausages, they must not fall eyeliner! But do not draw dissonant black eyeliner, but to draw a brown eyeliner.
With white eyeliner painted eyelids, make white eye appear larger. Originally a large white eye, opened his eyes reminiscent of Sadako people can skip this step.
Finally clip eyebrows, eyelashes like a brush! I also posted false eyelashes eye tail section. Metamorphosis grew hair pink sausage.

Fashion beauty Eyes bright peach

Four Seasons My favorite season is autumn and spring! When it comes to fall, I think of wearing a trench coat posing at our school rock. Speaking of spring, I will be very natural to think of beautiful things, also will brighten the mood. So in order to meet such a mood, I’ll put nines Huaqun, spread out hair, then to make themselves more fashion beauty brilliant, I must again accompanied by tailored peach eye makeup.
Feng Yan Xun street makeup
Smoky makeup can easily create a piercing-type female, people left a strong impression. But this eye shape is not suited to the candidates and other formal occasions, otherwise they will get the opposite effect. Out the door every day must find a good go, and then decide whether or not to select the cool, smoky makeup.

Fashion beauty Correction facial contour defects

Everyone’s face shape is different, I want to pursue personal image are not the same, it would need to use the correct repair capacity products and methods. I now take you look blush, high light, shadow to use it. I take pictures when pictures are painted a blush, then other methods applied blush then photographed. But every time the angle of the face and expression are different.
Utilization Blush
When you deliberately make smiley, there will be apple cheeks muscle, began to use blush circle from this site, you can make the face look plump. Such smear method is suitable for inverted triangle face shape or concave cheeks person. Not only to make fuller cheeks, but also add a lovely feeling. People have wanted to squeeze a matte finish texture.
Fashion beauty Modified long face
When people face shape long painted blush, not vertically elongated blush range, which makes the face shape seem longer. Tu sideways will not highlight your long face. Liberally but remember to light a good thrust into Gaoyuanhong not look good Yo.
Sexy interpretation pungent impression
Some want to create a sexy shape, then use this method painted blush. But that cheeks emaciated girl do not try, no one wanted to turn into a zombie is not it.

Pre makeup milk

Cover the pores, also regulate oil coated finish matte finish good color,
This is my favorite one by one before the makeup of breast! In a lot of makeup products, I
Love makeup cream (selecting products with UV protection). But before making up milk
Not like concealer can cover everything. It is a painted when not
To the effect, if not coated can deeply feel the importance of product.
A certain amount then. Makeup before after breast rub can be a little dry, so if it is dry or combination skin, don’t rub
Around the eyes, while the fingers coated in oily t-zone of enlarged pores can be. If you have oily skin, thin
Applied to the entire face to make it absorb it well to prevent Foundation colors not evenly coated.
Sunscreen products
Almost everyone use sunscreen products, and all promotional and advertising said Sun is required for the most basic of the most base makeup products.
But I don’t how to use it. Apply sunscreen products is said to apply thicker paint when often, otherwise meaningless. But I was
Is as poor and lazy. Now many makeup products with UV-resistant features. But if no make-up, please
Bring sunscreen, coating every 3 hours at a time. As with oil and sweat and sunscreen will lose effect.
You should have seen, says SPF on sunscreen packaging PA rental. SPF prevents UVB, can reduce the occurrence of freckles;
PA UVA, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The higher the number, means more UV + marked the better, but not removed. So when tuyu rent + high coefficient of UV marking product, do not use SOAP and general cleansing milk wash, but must be done 1, 2 makeup remover and cleanser.

Confrontation flaws, a moment can not wait! Magic flaw




The flaw is the heart of a woman’s heart is a good necessity. Even before have withered in the foundation learning the whole face of the skin, but more than skin deep flaws is obvious, this time only use concealer. Before the battle with the young and can not appreciate the precious nature, and now slowly see the reality, has been completely unable to leave the defect. Cover the time, to choose a darker color than the skin color, but the black eye, the most effective lemon color. If you buy the product color too deep is used when the shadow powder, if the color is too bright is used as a high light powder, so even bought the wrong can also used for other purposes. But if you do not use the wrong color, or it is too thick makeup, or appear more dirty than before. Tragic death!
Liquid cover
Liquid light, light and thin, easy to paint, light. However, the liquid absorption speed of the liquid, and easy to smear the traces, so after the skin point of the cover, to use the brush quickly spread. Apply a little more than the defect site, and then gently to the edge of the edge of the finger, the boundary is a uniform. Liquid coating can be applied to the foundation before, can also be painted after the foundation. But if the concealer is not with skin paste and Taiwan on the Tu foundation, Concealer is may Peter away blemishes will reopen, so more attention. The type of liquid, such as liquid, easy to cover a wide range of freckles or dark circles, etc..
Frost like cover
Cream like a soft, easy to cover a wide range. First adjust the amount of the back of the hand, and then coated with a wider range of the defect, and then gently pat the edge of the edge of the part, the elimination of the line is good! Cream in the foundation before and after the foundation can be used.
Solid & rod shaped
Solid rental rod shaped the best, the effect is also very clean. First to be covered in the need to cover the site, and then carefully push the sponge or brush. This type is most suitable for local. If it is painted on acne marks or freckles on the time, should be immediately spread with a brush; if it is in the eyes of the black eye, the first finger painted, so that the temperature of the finger to touch the screen, and then painted. If it is directly coated in the fundus, and finally there will be more than the eye wrinkles!
Bar than the cream to some sticky, so when applied to local to powder and then apply.

The sun is the most basic most essential makeup products


Sunscreen products
Almost everyone use sunscreen products, all publicity and advertising that sunscreen is the most basic most essential makeup products. But I do not how to use it. It is said to be coated with sunscreen products should be painted with thick and hard work, otherwise it would not be very meaningful. But I am poor and lazy. And now a lot of makeup products with anti ultraviolet function. But if you do not make-up, then please bring sunscreen products, every 3 hours coated. Because with the oil and sweat, sunscreen products will lose effect.
You should have seen, the packaging of sunscreen products will be written in SPF and PA. SPF to prevent UVB, can reduce the production of freckles; PA to prevent UVA, can reduce the production of wrinkles. The higher the number, the more marked the more means that the more anti UV effect is better, but it is not good to unload. So Dangtu ultraviolet coefficient is high and the + sign multi products, do not use soap and cleansing milk wash but must do 1, 2 times up remover and cleanser.
Foundation of various types and different usage
As far as I am concerned, the most indispensable product is to adjust the color of skin and cover the skin defect of the foundation. Who let me be a flaw. T.T when the skin more oil, the foundation is easy to float on the surface of the skin, and thousands of dry water, coated with the foundation of the skin will appear dirty, so we must first open the face skin care.
Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundation is not only easy to apply, but also with other foundation to do color collocation. The more water is more easy to open, but in contrast to the strength will become smaller, so to be more than a few times, in contrast, I suggest that with the use of a combination of cover, better use effect. Liquid foundation to use the foundation brush to improve the effect of the cover, but also painted thin, and the thicker the more difficult to leave the brush mark.

Shape moisture permeability of the skin

Front end
According to the color to points, decorated with the bottom of the milk have green, white, pink and other color, of course, according to the composition and function to be divided into many types of. The finishing end of milk is the most basic products to cover the skin defects defects. If the skin is in good condition, there is no problem. Of course, this step can save the road. I usually rub the skin care products directly after the foundation. Not to have confidence in themselves (my skin is a flaw in itself), but rather a strong foundation, the foundation will be covered with decorative bottom, so it can not reflect the effect of the end of the milk. The finishing end of milk does not need a tool, can be pasted directly by hand.
Color decorative bottom milk
The color of the decorative bottom milk has the effect to improve the uneven skin color, is the most popular choice. The color of the bottom of the milky white, white, pink, green, blue and other colors, can be selected according to the situation. Different colors can create a different makeup effect, the role is to adjust the overall color before applying the foundation. Each time only needs a pearl size amount is enough.
Yellow rice
Rice yellow can repair the skin color is not uniform, please thin layer on the face of the whole.
White can be as high light, but also let the ship I transparent, can face painted to join, also can only painted forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and fundus local.
Pink to pale skin can increase health angry, can besmear face as a whole, can also be just on the part of the cheeks center.
Green and yellow
These two colors can cover for covering red, acne and red tide. When it is used to cover the Laguna Colorada, it is only applied to the red part of the red. Please go to the face as a whole.
Blue can give the skin increase transparency, can be painted on the face as a whole. But if it is too thick or too thick to be painted, it will float, like a ghost, so pay attention to oh.

Add natural protective layer to the skin


After the replenishment, but also to pay more attention to lock water, add natural protective layer for the skin
Has done the face clean, to the horny, but also make up the moisture, the Ministry is now on the stick a bodyguard, lock the water does not drain. Wipe the lotion and nutrition cream, etc. inside the oil is to protect the moisture loss of the skin is not lost, but the case of oily skin, even if not the gas will be 365 days off the flow of natural oil, so you do not need to use this method.
No matter what kind of moisturizing products are a dead letter, screaming “dry! Desert” severely dry skin people, you can use some oil moisturizing products, I called them “the facial oil”. First coated with a good make-up water, lotion, cream, milk and other, in the palm of your hand down a little facial oil “evenly on the face, and then hand Wu to live the whole face help penetration. If is 1 I like oily skin, because of the lack of moisture so the skin is not tender, after the make-up water, moisturizing cream, I don’t Nen? Rub lotion, make-up water like direct jealous moisturizing take raising cream) finally with facial oil. Prevent drying!

To give the skin replenishment


Water the plants, do not forget to also water the skin: skin replenishment
Believe that we all know the basic use of skin care products. I want to say is, rub skin care products based on, between each kind of skin care products must set aside the empty, to allow the skin to fully absorb, and then transition to another kind of skin care products. If you do not leave empty then wipe next, your skin will be confused: what? Which one should you absorb first? Latex? Nutrition cream? What?” Final skin can not fully absorb the nutrients of these skin care products, and only floating on the surface of the skin, and are unable to obtain satisfactory makeup effects.
Also, the choice of skin care products is actually equal to the choice of oil and water, dry skin and moisture are lack of oil, so to buy the basic skin care products can be added to the oil, while the oil is not enough oil skin, but the lack of water, so with no oil replenishment nutrition cream. Especially oily skin lack of moisture. The skin is like: “Oh, no, you can not use oil to prevent dry bar. Then secrete large amounts of oil, so replenishment is especially important!
Prior to the first application of a mask to apply a mask can significantly enhance the sense of makeup, but it is inevitable that the application of the mask is a bit cumbersome, and so the skin is completely absorbed also need a certain time. So, I’m a model of the current popular in Japan, a simple water mask.
This method is used in the usual make-up water, so it will not bring skin problems, but also when the face is relatively short, so every day can do, but also to improve the makeup effect, so I am very much like the recommended method. I sooner or later deposited 3 minutes adhere to the four days, skin is not oily face, and become tender, horny and less a lot (the original nose had considerable horny, or makeup. I really want to ask you to at least 4 days to try, but the skin as character, is also a wide variety, but also sensitive, so some people may not be suitable for the moisture mask, there is inflammation of acne skin and can not be deposited, or because of the long time of moisture mask, the skin becomes dry and other problems. In fact, you can also use the beauty tissues (not the kind of gas station to the kind of ~) instead of a cotton pad, but the beauty is too easy to be torn, so it is not recommended!