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Skills make it so easy to make up

1.With the extension of the outer corner of eye foil perfect cat eye makeup
Carefully depicts a liner is undoubtedly the best way to enhance the beauty of eyes, only need to use very fine eyeliner brush from the outer edge of the eyelashes out outline a datum line, and put the eyelashes along the draw eyeliner and base line to connect, next in the outer corner of the eye painted a closed triangle, as the scope of the wings. Finally, use eyeliner to filled with a small triangle, slightly modified again, a flying wings.
2.With the help of a spoon to describe a small wing liner
Practice makes perfect, if learn the reasonable use hand tools can make easier for skilled process, usually used to massage a small spoon then can help on the busy, just two simple and can overcome the trembling of the hands, easy access to perfect wings contour.
3.Outside the corner of the eye of the mysterious symbol to make smoke makeup painted handy
Smoked makeup to want to draw good-looking and is not an easy thing to do, here is a tip for can let the outline and hierarchy are more perfect, namely, the first eyeliner in close proximity to two cross symbol to draw the outer corner of the eye of the upper eyelid, then stained with eye shadow brush along their smear, until the eyeliner traces become blurred, until completely covered, precise positioning of the smoky eye also draw.
4.A little loose powder on the eyelids, make eyelashes look more plump
Coated mascara and finished, and then brush to take a little transparent loose powder sweep at the intersection of eyelash and eyelid place, these shiny particles can provide a very good light foil, further improve the eyelash effect of moving.
5.Gel texture of eye liner with flame
Eyeliner eyeliner is too hard, too soft? If you want to get a compromise of the perfect state, you can put the matches or a lighter flame near the Eyeliner Pen, heating for 15 seconds and in the cooling process of careful observation, the soft degree of change, to be its just returned to the hardness can be molded, can be used to draw the eye line, the effect is guaranteed.
6.The secret of Lasting Lip Plump
Draw a model like moving lips is not imagine it: first of all, to put on the lipstick rich, uniform, and then put on the surface of the lips that part of the lipstick printed on paper towels, leave is the deep color, finally gently sweep some transparent loose powder, color firmly lock it. Then we get the both durable and natural lip.
7.Make your lips more sexy.
Upper lip to Cupid’s bow “more perfect, only need to use with the selected lipstick with the color of the lip liner, is in the middle of the upper lip to draw an” X “, and thus to evenly on each side of the coated lipstick, natural leave the regular shape, let the lips look more delicate and touching.
8.The damaged eye turned unique Lip Gloss
If a color eye shadow has been broken, or only a small amount of powder, it is not convenient, directly and throw away some pity, then you can take it out, add a little vaseline and mix well, a new lip gloss was born, and the same color of eye makeup called perfect match.
9.With the brush handle to position, so that the outline of the painting is more natural
Each person’s face are not the same, so it is best not to copy others make-up techniques, in the shadow effect to improve the cheekbones, first with the measurement of the brush handle a right angle is very important, it cross in just below the cheekbone, turning left and right about, remember that perspective can make face look more slim, more natural, then you can start to create a shadow the.
10.Absorbent paper can not be used, but can be a lifesaver
Can in a short time let the shiny face disappeared. This is housekeeping skills of oil absorbing paper, from the perspective of skin care inevitably destroy the water and oil balance too, but the strong oil during the day to destroy our makeup can not answer, still can carry, to prevent makeup from the T zone and nose began to be destroyed, using techniques suitable for tap rather than pressing oh.

Life is a flower-art-beautiful life

Life is a flowerartbeautiful life


Often hear people say, life is but a dream. After himself, has always seemed a kind of sophistry, but don’t know how to refute. After he learned the culture, thinking carefully and found that people with the idea, in fact, is very idealistic.


Idealist who believes that a person is born, in fact, the outcomes have beendoomed. We all could not escape the doom of death life no matter how hard, howhard, how to pray, how to beg, in the end is nothing, like dreams, dreams areempty. Idealistic people only pay attention to the results of the dream: the dream, no matter how terrible, how sweet will have when you wake up, and wake. They ignored the essential difference between dreams and lifedaydream or nightmare, you can duplicate, all over again; but life is not back, we only once in life, the past is gone, gone gone.


After knowing the idealistic misunderstanding about life, I no longer believe that life is a drama argument, they said, were wide of the mark. We all know that, even if the world is really, XI is fake! Acting acting, is the fake play play! Our life, but it istrue! The things we have done, they found, the tears we fell, we sweat to pay, everything we had and lost things … … These are real. Even most of the time, true is too cruel, real had to let some people squirm, pulsating heart bleeding day and night! As for those saying life is a song, life is a glass of wine, in fact, more wide of the mark.


Life is like what? Strictly speaking, life is life, and what it does not like, it is life. But in order to be able to see the essence of it, people like to use the analogy of forms, compared to what abstract life. If you give life a better analogy, I think, life is actuallymore like beautiful flowers. Flower sometimes total feelings blossom.


Flowers and grass. Flower end sometimes. The flowers bloom over a period of time,dies in a particular time, one year at a time. Life isn’t it? Human life only once, has only one life.


Total feelings blossom. The roots absorb nutrients from the Earth rang, absorbing nutrients flowers on the branches, this dependent relationship with human babies absorb nutrients from the mother‘s mother and son relationship, is so similar to, and fallen not unfeeling, huhua protects the flower. Life and death, also implicated in asituation .


Life is like a flower, not as good as people say, is not that bad. If the life only as in the beginning sees, that is beautiful like a flower.


Flower of life, how to spend it? Famous Soviet writer Paul. Ke Chajin tells us that human life should be spent this way: when he looks back, when, without wasting timeand remorse, nor shame for doing nothing. Should pursue the realm of life is: let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves the quiet beauty.Live is a star to brighten someone’s heart , bright and warm; leave should be such as the beautiful autumn leaves no regrets. Because life is like a flower, time is fleeting, time flies with blossom end sometimes. So we should grasp every chance of success, every test of rational nature, and work in a high profile, low-key person, notpleased, not sad. If not, to get up, put it down, living free and easy, don’t let myselfregret; must know how to treasure what we have, because some things lost can’t berecovered again.

Whether you‘re a human being, or a great man; whatever you accomplish nothing,or is great, they had like a flower, through wind and rain, encountered setbacks, alsohave been too hard for the people we love, struggle, though not everyone is eventually able to be a rainbow after the storm. And not everyone can like Beethoven’s fate by the throat and cannot be changed, do not act arbitrarily, let it be. As long aswe try, tried, our life is no complaints and no regrets, but no regrets.


In fact, not every flower symbolize for results, as long as real once, (even Bud has been on the wane), or State of mind, full of soulful had one, you are brilliant, no regret in raising our roots. Even if nothing in this life or even regret, time to leave, we should regret, xiaoxiao move on to the next round. You know, no hate in life without regret, that quiet on the Hill as the full moon.

Fashion beauty habit

Fashion beauty habit


1. no matter what your situation, please learn to wear high heels.
Reason: because high heels can not only make you feel taller, will elongate your legvision, there is a certain leg function. And wearing high heels will tighten your muscles, especially the leg muscles, long-term wear have changed leg function. Wearing high heels can make you walk more upright, imperceptibly changing temperament.
How to choose: I say high heels is the standard 7 cm above the shoes, not countingwedges. If early practice, you can try 5 cm. Beginners need not choose a special thinor particularly bright eye color, and because of its many costumes do not take. MMwill feel tired is because standards are fine, now select many of the shoes, you can choose a slightly thicker, reduce foot pressure. 2-3 days a week wearing high heels atthe beginning, 4-5 hours a day, long you got used to it.
2. dark, say NO to pink.
Reason: your skin is not white, but like pink red? No, I suggest you stay away fromit, because she makes you skin feel darker, and dark without God.
How to select: beige, light blue is a good choice. Japanese prints are also very good.
3. have annoying little fat on the belly and waist, then wearing tight clothes, but don’t think sweater optional.¬†Amusing habit of fashion beauty, jewelry mix below we recommend a jewellery shop and see what kind of jewelry for you to wear.¬†theperfects
Reason: the meat is added to his belly? Congratulations, your uterus is better protected than thin girls. And most of the men said, while skinny women look good, but when choosing women that men are more inclined to stomach some meat. Do not wear tight clothing, because tight clothes is bad for body growth, and the other is short in order not to show. But that doesn’t mean you can wear sweatshirts. Many selective.
How to select: high waist (ignoring the waist, prominent breasts), long loose long t shirts (usually these designs will be more relaxed at the waist), long loose knitted tops (soft sweater will keep your waist curve, chest lines more beautiful), a-line dress (long avoid short). Modification of the upper body at the same time, must pay attention to dress down. Like ankle boots, boots, black pantyhose, shorts, and so on, are allgood choices
Second, the makeup‘s article (hair + makeup)
1. skin (Foundation usage)
Black? First of all, I suggest you go to dye their hair. Because the light yellow color will seem our skin is very white. Then, when choosing a foundation to select at least 2colors, one close to the color of their skin, than some white, makeup, brow, eyes, temples, Chin with Foundation close to your skin tone, with white in the face, will be very solid, the skin is very natural.
2. skin embellishments (blush usage)
Must use blush well ~ I‘ve been standing in two colors: pink and orange. Often mixed with.
Usage is: first dipped in Orange, and then dipped in pink, and then gently knocks inthe corner of the table, remove after too much powder blush and put it on the cheekbones. Lively youth? Next to the nose, cheekbone across a number of lower brush.Feminine? Lower brush hook up from the cheekbones.
3. face good Oh ~
Not recommended for high hair, the best starting from the cheek bone volume. Round faces don’t cut bangs. Remember to use the shadow makeup powder. Earth tones of little smoky eye makeup will make your senses feel solid and generous, gentle your face.
4. my hair, irritated!
Find a suitable hair style, do not blindly run Chase fashion. Straight hair can be verychangeable, do not like high school, only straight and thin, it‘s not really take good care of your hair.
Girls hair, thin layers are too big, hair will naturally Peng in the head, like a little lion.This is the reason why Barber recommends straightening, but before long the new hair is long, straightened effect is gone. Recommended hair cutting Barber when lower level play. You can also try another hairstyle.
Hair, little girls can pull the hair level, or to the hot roll ~
5. well, I wouldn’t make up ~ where to begin to pay attention to? (Liner)
One, their eyebrows! Woman‘s eyebrows, will detail the many features, but don’t make it very thin, very thin brows make you look old at least behavioral problems. Thesecond, and eyeliner. Paint eyeliner, eyes and facial features many of God as a whole, not a mirror to touch. Beginner suggested writing soft eyeliner, eyeliner and MM eyeliner will make up one of the favorite items, but I would suggest and eyeliner arecombined. Using eyeliner strokes outline, fill with liquid eyeliner eye liner write off, eyeliner again modified.
6. the eyebrow does not
Many MM is not much of a choice and to use eyebrow pencil, Shan now teach younatural beauty.
Need: grey eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, parched old black mascara (highly recommended eyebrows light MM), dark brown matte eye shadow (not light)
Process: grey eyebrow pencil along they fixed the eyebrow, not satisfied with the details, take a cotton swab modified, and then use the eyebrow brush dipped in dark brown eyeshadow, gently brush to draw on eyebrows, pay attention to eyebrows too.Finally, eyebrows light MM note, up along the eyebrow brush carefully in the direction of black mascara, and bushy eyebrows came out.
7. want naturally sweet lips, not just lip is enough
Not all cases are suitable for red lips, how to build that Korean beautiful and moist and layered nude lip?
Need: Foundation or cosmetic milk, Orange, or pink lipstick (note that is thelipstick), colorless lip gloss (coated with water)
Process: first took Foundation or modified milk cover off all of lip Department, in Shang lip and lower lip of middle part (about one-third), by lip within (is oral within) to lip outside (lip of upper and lower edge) wipe, by lip within deep some, by edge light some, painting finished somewhat like Japan Geisha of that small lip, last wipe lip honey, good, see how.

Fashion beauty Soft pink eye makeup

Fashion beauty

My eyelid had very thick, after painted pink eye shadow will appear thicker, it is simply a pair of pink sausages. Therefore, in order to avoid the tragedy. I would involuntarily into smoky makeup. But today, I want to challenge of the law do not smoke soft pink eye shadow, to give you a fashion beauty young women to do personal Fan. Do not prohibitive for pink!
First with a touch of pink eye shadow, painted a beak-like appearance on the eyelids. This large range of eye shadow applied with a finger smearing open fast enough.
Then eyelid partially coated with a more brilliant pink eye shadow.
Then coated with white pearl eye shadow lying silkworm part, seem charming.
If you omit the eyeliner, it really would be like outside the chain of sausages, they must not fall eyeliner! But do not draw dissonant black eyeliner, but to draw a brown eyeliner.
With white eyeliner painted eyelids, make white eye appear larger. Originally a large white eye, opened his eyes reminiscent of Sadako people can skip this step.
Finally clip eyebrows, eyelashes like a brush! I also posted false eyelashes eye tail section. Metamorphosis grew hair pink sausage.

Fashion beauty Eyes bright peach

Four Seasons My favorite season is autumn and spring! When it comes to fall, I think of wearing a trench coat posing at our school rock. Speaking of spring, I will be very natural to think of beautiful things, also will brighten the mood. So in order to meet such a mood, I’ll put nines Huaqun, spread out hair, then to make themselves more fashion beauty brilliant, I must again accompanied by tailored peach eye makeup.
Feng Yan Xun street makeup
Smoky makeup can easily create a piercing-type female, people left a strong impression. But this eye shape is not suited to the candidates and other formal occasions, otherwise they will get the opposite effect. Out the door every day must find a good go, and then decide whether or not to select the cool, smoky makeup.

Fashion beauty Correction facial contour defects

Everyone’s face shape is different, I want to pursue personal image are not the same, it would need to use the correct repair capacity products and methods. I now take you look blush, high light, shadow to use it. I take pictures when pictures are painted a blush, then other methods applied blush then photographed. But every time the angle of the face and expression are different.
Utilization Blush
When you deliberately make smiley, there will be apple cheeks muscle, began to use blush circle from this site, you can make the face look plump. Such smear method is suitable for inverted triangle face shape or concave cheeks person. Not only to make fuller cheeks, but also add a lovely feeling. People have wanted to squeeze a matte finish texture.
Fashion beauty Modified long face
When people face shape long painted blush, not vertically elongated blush range, which makes the face shape seem longer. Tu sideways will not highlight your long face. Liberally but remember to light a good thrust into Gaoyuanhong not look good Yo.
Sexy interpretation pungent impression
Some want to create a sexy shape, then use this method painted blush. But that cheeks emaciated girl do not try, no one wanted to turn into a zombie is not it.

Fashion beauty Utilize shadows

Fashion beauty Big round face becomes oval
If Yinpen face now is definitely not a commendatory term, on the outside face of the shaded sides, you can fix this flaw, make some of the delicate face shape. But do not be greedy, what should have a certain degree, after this degree, you will feel in the door economy as before.
Repair long face
This is a method for the long face shape design. Forehead and chin lines are marked with a shadow, the original face as long as cucumbers, will instantly be shortened.
Improve nose
Site brow beat down on both sides of the shadow, in the nose hit the highlights, there is the effect of improving nose.
I am naturally timid, afraid to get involved in shaping the field, but helpless to face the collapse of the forehead, so I take advantage of high light create a “heaven full” effect. Do not like this situation painted the forehead, only half can be painted.
Want to make the nose more pretty, more directly, on the bridge of the nose sweep a layer of high light. If you long to sweep the entire nose, make the nose was long. To get plump sexy nose, as long as the high-gloss powder coated nose to nose in the central portion on the OK!

Method detailed tutorial wear false eyelashes

I was baby hair, so I will pluck, never tried to “stick hair.” But the day of the wedding of the bride in makeup when I saw his eyes as if wings, leap Smart, rampant love will never be collected. If you usually want to paste, naturally more suitable than the long type. Eyelash root too hard good products at fixed liner, so to choose lashes terrier soft style. Now the market has introduced a transparent stems false eyelashes, make more natural looking results, while the black stems are more stressed eye contour.
Posted false eyelashes, when wool is important, but I think more important is the glue! If the glue is not enough high-quality, will not only irritate the eyes, it is very easy to fall off. Another point to remind everyone that after using glue, we must remember to close the lid, to prevent clotting.
A. plant false eyelashes the most natural. But because you want a camera affixed to a photo, it is also the most troublesome.
B. This can be only partially attached to the end of eye false eyelashes. More natural than a row of false eyelashes. But I do not tend to buy such fake eyelashes, I will cut to a whole row of half instead.
C. This is a whole row of false eyelashes, it can give you as Barbie boats eyes, but a little something natural beauty.
D. This is the next eyelashes. Much shorter than the eyelashes, and the roots of transparent, so you do not have to circle eyeliner.

Good color blush

Saying Blush make-up in the presence of bright flowers, like delicate, not too little! After Blush will appear painted white loose powder foundation and face life as vivid, three-dimensional shape facial contours. Painted different colors of blush, will bring a completely different overall makeup. I think we should choose blush of color based on the day the overall styling and make-up atmosphere. Orange is actually pink rent is the most popular color, of course, very suitable for my Aunt. Pink is a lovely pink, orange (or beige) a woman ignorant of the United States as well as healthy, red series is mature and excellent push the blue series having alien feeling, so please choose it, choose it!
Powder loose powder blush &
The effect of color have light, suitable for beginners to use, generally with matching puff, you can use its color, but the color will be more deep, and when the coating product with a pearl-looking bad sense. So I’ll use monogamous blush brush.
Creamy Blush
Super-excellent fit and was color! So when your fingers coated with, it must quickly spread, or will leave marks on the face
Track. I like the first blush pink painted cream, then covered with pink blush pink, in this way not only showing the effect of blush pink color, but also get hold tight fit rent income effect.
Liquid Blush
Transparent liquid blush color sense, close fitting skin. So good people skin (without applying foundation skin), can only painted some makeup before the milk, liquid blush painted above, can make the skin becomes fantastic, the makeup of the shy young girls. (My skin was too poor quality, can not have that kind of feeling ……)

Trimming powder shadow

Use shadow powder is of a shadow effect. To create a beautiful little face, high nose Americans have relied on! I usually need photographic, swollen face or eat a lot of big time will think of it. So my kids almost as shadow powder fossils …… shadow powder slightly darker than the foundation to choose a little but not too much color, after completion of the face and other parts do not demarcated.
Powder & loose powder shadow
Suitable for beginners and sisters, will shadow powder brush dipped pat in the back, the color will not be so deep. After shedding use.
Cream Shadow
Easier to fit the skin, it is also very coordinated and foundation, so the resistance shadow effect is more natural. But this is only in the premise superb technique. First with a finger dipped in a little amount, the temperature of melting it with your fingertips, then use a foundation brush painting frantically open, so that the natural color, we must pay attention not to create a shadow line. (When the shadows when the dividing line, it means everything game over! Boundaries must not appear!) Before applying foundation, then shadow cream foundation brush it. If you wait until Cawan loose Reapply cream, pink and cream becomes a sticky-like buckle up!